Modified, and modified, and modified

Ran today. Planned on running 5 miles. Original plan was to get up early, go downtown, change at the gym, then run up and down Terwilliger.

Woke up around 8 AM. Too tired from being out late last night. Had to trash the original plan. OK, time for a new plan.

New plan: get up immediately get up, throw some street clothes and some workout clothes in my backpack, go downtown, change, and run up and down Terwilliger.

Got up, went to the bathroom, weighed myself (169.5! Whoo-HOO!), got a Cliff Bar, checked my email, went back to bed.

Woke up around 10:30 AM. OK, OK, new plan: same as previous plan, only getting up right now.

I resisted eating another Cliff Bar (which hurt me later), but realized I didn’t want to carry around a full backpack when I was downtown this afternoon. Since I was getting such a late start, I knew that once I was out of my house and downtown, I wouldn’t want to come back home to drop stuff off. So, I had to dress for the day, instead of planning on changing at some point this afternoon.

Alright, then, newest plan: hurry up and get some workout clothes on, go running in my neighborhood, starting right now. Good plan.

An hour later, after checking my email, chatting a bit online, and otherwise goofing off, I finally got out the door. There was a brief moment of embarrassment when I realized that my drunken neighbors were having their weekly “yard sale” — sucks to be out of work and needing money, I guess. They asked me to buy something, but I pretended not to hear them over my iPod. I did wave, though. I’m only partially a snob.

Since I wanted to run 5 miles (still), I was going to go down the Springwater Corridor trail to about the 2-mile mark, then turn around and come back. That 4 miles, plus the half-mile on the beginning and end that I run to get to the head of the trail, makes a 5 mile round trip.

Unfortunately, my lack of a real breakfast and my dehydration hurt me, I think. I was struggling to make the run out, and by the time I turned around, I was panting, hard. I died and had to stop and walk right at the 3.5 mile point, and continued to alternate walking and running the rest of the way.

Nutrition is important, OK?

Tomorrow I plan on doing a short run in my neighborhood. Hopefully that will make up for the poor performance today.