Small trouble

I’m feeling down on my diet this week. I was going to allow myself an extra 200 calories per day (for a total daily limit of 1800), but I ended up at least 200 calories over that, even. My weight has remained steady all week. My experiment in engineering a “soft landing” to my ideal weight was a bust.

At least my weight didn’t go up. That would have been even more depressing.

So, next week, I’m sticking with the 1800 calories per day, instead of upping it another 200 calories, and hopefully my willpower will return.

Maybe I was simply affected by spring break… Yeah, that’s it.

Exercise, I did pretty good. I did hear from “coach” this week, and she proposed a schedule close to what I was planning for myself, at least time- and distance-wise, although she advised against the 5-mile run I was planning.

Also except she included swimming on one of my non-running days. I planned on doing the swimming, but decided against it at the last minute. No, really, last minute.

Would you believe I decided against it at the last hour? Last day?

You caught me: I decided against it as soon as she proposed it. I haven’t told her yet, but if she reads this page she’ll know.

But I ran three easy runs, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, of two, three, and three miles each. Monday was in my neighborhood, and the others were along the Esplanade. Todays run was good; it was pouring down rain last night, so I was worried I’d end up running in the gym, but this morning dawned without precipitation. There was even some blue sky up there.

I have no idea what my time was. Maybe I should invest in a watch or something. Nah, I’m just happy right now to be able to complete the course I set for myself.