Not qualified or suited for the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials, part 2

Sent the following email to the major online retailer I mentioned yesterday:

I ordered Win2K Pro from your company last week early on a Wednesday. I paid extra for 2nd-day Air shipping, expecting to receive it before that weekend. I am a computer consultant and was ordering this product as an upgrade for a client. However, due to some bizarre mix-up at UPS, the shipment (which started in Delaware and was to be shipped to Oregon) ended up in Germany.

I am not making this up. I have the tracking number.

I have made other arrangements with my customer, but need to return the copy I ordered from you. However, I am unable to do so because the package STILL has not arrived. It would be easiest for me if you simply cancel the shipment and refund my purchase price. I do not want to have to deal with waiting for the package to arrive, then turning around and shipping it back to you. Please do your best to make this happen, and keep me informed as to the status of my request. Thank you.

I’ll post any response I get from them regarding this. I find this most amusing.