My “coach” is in Nevada visiting family this week, so I’m kind of on my own setting a schedule. When I talked to her last week, though, she said that I’d be getting back to running, so I’m going to include some running.

Last week, which I didn’t post here, was all cross-training; no running. Which, as difficult as it seems, was actually difficult to me. My friends noticed a certain edginess in me, which I mainly attributed to the lack of running. Weird. The cross-training was mostly upper-body stuff, swimming, and cycling. It was supposed to help me heal my sore hamstring, which I think it has succeeded in doing.

The main problem (have I mentioned this before?) is that my legs are of unequal length; my right is about a half-inch longer than the left, which is going to cause me problems unless I get some kind of orthotic correction. Bleh.

Anyway, next week I’m going to run three days, and do some other workout (probably upper-body) twice, and take two rest days. I figure two “short” runs of 2-3 miles, and one long run of 4-5 miles. Should be fun…

It’s getting harder to fit in my exercise, since I’m getting busier and busier. For one thing my side business is picking up Might just be a spring break seasonal thing, but I’m hoping it’s more of a trend caused by word-of-mouth: the more customers I get, the more they tell others about me, which generates more customers.

Better and better. It’s easier to take the shit at work when I know there are people who will gladly pay me more than twice my hourly rate to do the same stuff. And I’m good at the basic stuff, and also friendlier than the average tech.