New on the “Barely tolerating” list today

Two new items!

  • Phone droids who can only read from a script — I had to call a famous national shipping company today, to try to find out either why my package hadn’t arrived yet, or to try to arrange other shipping options, and the person on the other end of the phone (and I use that term generously) sounded more like a computerized voice than a real human being. Whenever I tried to engage “her” in conversation I could hear the ruffling of papers as she tried to find her lines… so frustrating.
  • Able-bodied people who insist on using the button to open doors for them — Several of the buildings I support have those buttons next to their doors, marked in blue with the stick figure in a wheelchair, intended for opening doors for folk who are either in a wheelchair or on crutches, or otherwise can’t open the doors for themselves. I’ve seen delivery men use them when they’ve got a cart full of packages or their hands full. But what in the name of Hel of the Helheim hell hall is up with people using the button just because they’re frickin’ lazy? It’s entirely possible that some of the folk I’m judging to be able-bodied have some form of disability invisible to the eye, but I swear on Odin’s missing eye that a large majority of the people entering my place of work use that damned button, and they can’t all be disabled.