Diet/exercise update

I changed my daily calorie count to 1600 (down from 1700), in the hope that it would break the plateau I had reached, and it appears to have worked. My weight is once again dropping, and this morning I weighed in at 181. I’m so very close to my goal now…

Still training for the Shamrock Run (on Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!) Yesterday was a rest day, Tuesday I did a lower-body workout and 30 minutes on the bike. I tried to use every lower-body machine in the gym. Would you believe almost all? How about some?

I did leg curls (both pushing and pulling), squats, hip abductor and inductor, inclined stomach crunches. Hmm… that doesn’t seem like a lot. But the backs of my calves still feel sore.

Tonight I’m going running up Terwilliger, 5 miles round-trip. All the way up to the Chart House and back down to Duniway Park. Should be fun. And by “fun” I mean “painful but good for me in the long run” sense (pun intended).

I found a cool website that lists various places to run, called, subtly enough, Running Places. (The link is to the Duniway Park page) According to them, it’s 4 km from Duniway Park to the Chart House — 8 km round-trip would be 4,97 miles.