Orange bridge green lights black sky

Went for a walk from my neighborhood (Sellwood) all the way downtown, around 5 miles total. There’s a nature trail that runs along the east bank of the Willamette, part of the Springwater Corridor trail.

I took some great pictures, since today was a beautiful pre-spring day, sunny, blue sky, and warm, and my walk started around 5 PM, right around sunset. By the time I had reached the Hawthorne Bridge, though, it was night. But that put the bridge and the city on display, also.

Here’s my current desktop picture, shrunken down:
Hawthorne Bridge looking west.
It’s the Hawthorne Bridge, looking west towards downtown.

I’m going to post some more pictures later; maybe tomorrow, maybe this week. Right now, my picture gallery is “invitation-only”, since there are pictures of friends and family members in there that I don’t want to post publicly on the ‘Net. But my plans are to make a public gallery for other visitors to my tiny waste of bandwidth, and that’s where pics like the ones I took tonight will go.