Quick exercise/diet update

Been doing so-so on the diet. Had a delicious lunch yesterday with some friends at La Terraza (no link for this location; here’s a review of the location on SW 10th and Morrison) — I had fettucini and pesto e pollo and it was amazingly good. It was also very expensive in terms of calories; when I calculated it later, that one bowl (and I did, in fact, eat the whole bowl in one sitting, plus bread) was at least 1100 calories. Since I’m allowing myself 1700 for the day, and had already had breakfast, I only had a snack for dinner. I couldn’t calculate the exact calories, so I wanted to leave some room for erring on the high side, to keep me under my limit.

Exercise, I’m doing good. Thursday was a rest day for me (Thanks, coach!), but I still managed to take the stairs up and down several floors in the several buildings I support, in addition to carting around some PCs and monitors as part of a project, and this morning I ran over 2 miles before work, with three sprints of several blocks, and no walking. I know my coach said to do 3 miles; but I still think I’m doing OK. Tomorrow I’m running the waterfront with my slow-but-steady friend, and my goal is to keep up with him. I think — I mean, I know I can do it.

I weighed in at 183 this morning, after remaining steady at 184 for the past few days. Onward to my goal!