Quick diet/exercise update – staying on track

Diet-wise, I’m doing great. I ended last week right on the nose, 1700 calories per day, averaged over the week. My “bonus” calories were consumed in the form of a molasses cookie from Starbucks… Mmmmmm.

Exercise-wise, also good. Went running with friends last night (see previous post) along the waterfront and the Esplanade. My “trainer” said only 2 miles, but I ran the same route as my friends, starting on the west side at Columbia, running north until the Steel Bridge, crossing the river then running south to the Hawthorne Bridge and crossing back to the west side to finish. Caleb thinks it’s around 3 miles, Jake thinks it’s less than that. I’m too lazy to Mapquest it, and I’m too cheap to buy a GPS. My friends being who they are, they were full of ways to figure out exactly how far it is, but it’s not that important to me.

The important thing is that I did the whole distance and only spent about 2 minutes of the time walking. It’s the farthest distance I’ve ever run; the first of many milestones in my budding running career!

And all this is just buildup to the main news… (cue drumroll)…

This morning I weighed in at 184 lbs!

Go, me! I’m less than 10 pounds from my goal weight! At the rate I’m losing, I’ll reach goal very soon.

Of course, as my weight drops, so does my idea of what is possible. A couple of years ago, I never would have thought that I could have done this well, but now that I’m doing it, I’m thinking that I could go even lower. Is this the beginning of an eating disorder? I’m mostly kidding… but regardless of where I end up in terms of weight, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done so far. It’s a huge confidence-booster for me.