Coaching begins

This post is just for me, to keep track. A friend who is a professional runner made up a training schedule for me, to get me ready for the Shamrock Run, and instead of printing it out, I wanted it somewhere handy:

Okay. Here is a schedule.

  • Monday – Run waterfront ~ 2 miles *moderate effort
  • Tuesday – Do 30 minutes elliptical and 30 minutes bike or swim (no weight bearing exercise).
  • Wednesday – Run Terwilliger *Goal is to go up hill 2miles/down hill 2 miles, even at slower pace
  • Thursday – OFF (if you feel a need to workout, do upper-body!!!)
  • Friday – Run somewhere you like; * 3 miles. Within each mile, do 2 “bursts” of 60 seconds each. Total 6 bursts in 3 miles. *Should be a hard effort.
  • Saturday – Run waterfront ~ 3 miles *easy effort (goal is to just finish the 3 miles without walking! Don’t get crazy!)
  • Sunday – OFF you deserve day of treating yourself nice after this week of workouts.