Getting it

I love reading the “Chance Meetings” page in the Willy Week. All those people who want a second chance, after they realized that they should have done something different the first frickin’ time.

I think this one is my favorite this week:

“Let planets align.It’s not surreal, it hovers the edge of insane- yet.. I am broken almost beyond hope,still must try. Damned surrounding walls. Hear it too. It begins.”

So much emotional turmoil. Out of context, it’s difficult to find any clues as to who posted it, or who it’s intended for. The author must think that the person who is supposed to respond will recognize themselves, or the author, or something. Maybe it’s an inside joke? Or, not “joke”, really, but something else…

Or maybe it’s deliberately cryptic. No one is supposed to get it. I can see that angle, too.