Insomnia cured

I’ve discovered a secret cure for chronic insomnia. It consists of the following ingredients:

• A marathon hours-long phone conversation lasting into the wee hours of the morning with your ex-girlfriend the previous night, detailing exactly what went wrong and how it all fell apart, and what you’ve both been doing in the intervening months.

• Add in a strenuous, 5+ mile run the following morning.

• Stir in a job that requires no mental stimulation whatsoever, and next to no physical activity for 9+ hours.

• Don’t forget to include (exclude?) very little caloric intake during the day. Best if it’s just one medium-sized meal.

• Top it all off with a longer-than-normal commute home (bonus points if it’s public transportation; the rocking movement and noisy acoustics of a bus help greatly).

…so… good night.